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Is it best to buy a male Or a Female African Pygmy Hedgehog?
How do I choose a African Pygmy Hedgehog
Which Colour is best?
Will my Hedgehog Bite?
Do Hedgehogs Spines Hurt?
Can you keep more than one Hedgehog together?
Can Hedgehogs be Kept Outside?

Is it best to buy a male Or a Female hedgehog?
Personally I  have not seen a difference in temperament.  So unless you are buying your hedgehog for a specific purpose I would advise that you choose a hedgehog that seems to appeal to you.

How do I choose an African Pygmy Hedgehog?
Choosing an African Pygmy Hedgehog is similar to choosing a dog.  Choose one that looks healthy, active, outgoing & used to being handled.  The eyes should be bright & look healthy, the nose should be wet & the ears should be clean.  The body should be pear shaped & the hedgehog should look healthy, clean & shiny spines.

Which Colour is best?
There are many variations of colours, you should choose the one that appeals to you.  

Do hedgehogs Bite?
Like all animals hedgehogs can bite although like all animals it is rare if they are tame & handled often.  I have had a hedgehog bite & I can promise it was nothing compared to a hamster bite!

Do Hedgehogs Spines Hurt?
Again if a hedgehog wants to hurt you with their soines they can, however this is rare with a tame well handled hedgehog and if you do get prickled its not all that bad

Can I keep Hedgehogs in pairs?
In is not normally possible to keep male hedgehogs in pairs, however females can be kept together as long as they are either little mates or introduced slowly to each other.  Also age plays a big factor, you will stand more chance of getting hedgehogs who are under 6 months to live together.  It is important to keep an eye on them to ensure they are still happy with their living arrangements & if necessary provide separate beds or even seperate enclousures.  Another point to remember is that if you are planning to breed your hedgehogs it is not advisable to keep them together as when the babys are due you will have to split them up which could cause distress (not advisable for a pregnant hedgehog) & it is probable you will not be able to house them together again after the babys have left the nest

Can Hedgehogs Be Kept Outside?
hedgehogs can not be kept outside, the general rule of thumb is if you are warm enough in a T-shirt then it is warm enough for a hedgehog.  It is possible to let hedgehogs out in the summer in an run, however this is only on really hot days & it is important to check the ground for bugs etc first.  Hedgehogs should not be left unsupervised & must be provided with Shade & water at all times.  

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